Your story, my story...our stories.

Michelle’s Story

Your story, my story...our stories.I am new to the whole transgender thing, I am 65 years old and at the age of 64 I realized I was a TransWoman. In March, 2016, I started going to The Transgender Institute and seeing Caroline Gibbs on a regular basis. I literally feel she has saved my life!!! The Transgender Institute and all of its staff have been very helpful, informative, and caring. I have felt extremely comfortable while in their care.

This can really be a life saving event if you are as troubled as I was. I came there initially for Voice lessons, and having seen a previous therapist and doctor and already on small dosage of HRT. Caroline recognized I was not really being cared for properly and got me with the right local doctors who I feel really care for me.

NOW, I am on track to be the Woman I am. I have always been able to get an appointment when needed, and the Group Voice Therapy is the best. In addition, I have gained new friendships (in the group voice lessons) and am feeling so much better about myself.

A special thanks goes out to the staff at the Transgender Institute.

Michelle W., 65 yr old Engineer


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