Donna Testimonial

Testimonial – Donna White

September 29, 2017.

Dear Caroline,

I was just thinking so fondly of you, of all the wonderful folks on your staff, and the fabulous week I spent with you in the Feminine Immersion Program, just over a year ago!! It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since I was there! The time has gone by so quickly. So I felt moved to reach out to you with a much belated “Thank You”!

My confidence as a woman has absolutely soared since spending that week with you. I guess I’d just have to say I found “immersion” quite satisfying and delightful!. (Ha!) It was truly like having a lifelong fantasy come true for me, to live the entire week, 24-7 as my totally female self.

Before I came into the program, I was already feeling pretty good about most of the things I was doing. My main challenges for improvement, I felt, were my voice and my hair. And I definitely got the help I needed from you in both areas! Cudos to you for voice, as after working with you, I truly felt my voice was no longer a big RED flag for me. And, by continuing the drills you had taught since returning home, it has slowly gotten better and better through time. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an important step in becoming really comfortable in my female presentation. And as for hair, there was extremely valuable help from both Alonda, the hairstylest, and Robin Scholfield at Bravada Wigs. As a matter of fact, I have now established contacts at the Dallas Bravada wig shop, and have had some fabulous results with them!

As I have stated, I felt pretty comfortable with my wardrobe and makeup before entering the program. But I came in with an open mind, and was willing to listen to any suggestions in both areas. Well, let me tell you what: After consulting with Monique, and having her do my makeup “Monique style”, I never go out for the evening that at least one person that I’ve never met before, and usually more, doesn’t approach me to tell me how beautiful I am! And I’m talking about men and women. And, you know, I’m just so sick of hearing that—NOTTTTT! (ha). Like most women, I can never get enough of hearing that I’m beautiful! And I feel I learned so much from Anna regarding wardrobe. I find I’m buying fewer things now, but wearing them longer, and more often without becoming tired of them.

But, now, let’s get back to you: Two of the most beneficial aspects to the week were the therapy time we spent together, one on one, helping me better understand myself, and building my confidence to a higher level, and the social time you invested with me, taking me places, and gently coaching me on voice, feminine comportment, dancing, etc., etc., while actually “out and about”: There’s nothing like “On-the-job training”, and that helped so much, I can hardly quantify it.

I did have one rather large concern, however: I was not allowed to bring you and Stephanie home with me at the end of the week. I haven’t quite gotten over that yet, but I am working on it. (ha)! I hope all is well with all my friends there at the Transgender Instiute! Please give them all my very best and warmest regards!

Much Love and “White Light” Always,

Donna White

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