Lecture on the Bible and transgender identity

What does the bible say?

Ever wonder? Join us on July 31st at 3pm for this FREE lecture:

A Presentation on the Bible and Transgender Identity

Presented by our very own, Una Nowling.

Click the Event’s link below for more information or visit the TransCity post.

DATE: July 31, 2016

PLACE: Johnson County Central Library, Carmack Community Room

                 9875 W. 87th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212

TIME: 3:00 pm – 4:51 pm


New Classes Starting Next Week!

Vocal Feminization & Comportment

Uncover your feminine voice!

Each Wednesday starting May 25th through July 13, 2016. 6pm to 7:30pm

Please join us!

Call us at: 816-305-0943 or e-mail The Transgender Institute for questions and to sign up.

Transgender History Event

Transgender History: Stories of Our People

Who are we as a people? What is our shared heritage? Who are our pioneers?

Please join transgender historian Una Nowling, the hostess of “Trans Talk” on 90.1 KKFI and founder of the Transas City Project, as she takes us on an audiovisual journey through transgender history!

Presented in honor of the affiliation between the Transas City Project and The Transgender Institute.

Transgender History Event

DATE:  Sunday, April 24, 2016

TIME: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

LOCATION: The Transgender Institute: 8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 400, Kansas City, MO


Refreshments will be provided. There is no cost to attend, although donations will be accepted for transgender persons in need in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Hope to see you there!

Read The Vital Voice

A Thriving Transgender Tomorrow – January Issue

What it Means To Be Transgender: One Gal's Story

What It Means to be Transgender: One Gal’s Story

Written by a Transwoman

When you are young and act as a girl, and tell people you are a girl, but have a boy’s body people get very upset with you. I believe they react this way for many reasons. Some of it is out of concern for you and some of it is out of concern for themselves and others. They see your behavior as abnormal and feel they have to fix you. You are told you are a boy and expected to act as a boy or there will be very, very bad things happen to you. You become confused about whom you are. Since it is only natural to resist not being yourself, the techniques that are used to “fix you” get progressively stronger until you outwardly abandon your identity. This is a very traumatic experience. This is the point that you first realize that you are unacceptable and unlovable and your lifelong quest to be so begins. You become literally “scared to death” to expose your true self. This fear combines with a strong desire to “do the right thing” these become your great motivators in you quest to be a boy. Your survival instincts kick in. You resolve to take the steps you feel you need to, to be a boy, so that you can become OK. The problem is you never feel OK, you always feel there is something wrong with you.

Unfortunately, this causes another problem. You’re a girl and don’t know how to be a boy, so you do two things. You learn to suppress your true feelings and identity and you set about learning how to be a boy. This is the beginning of living your life with your head and not your heart. It is the reason you find it extremely difficult to make emotional connections with people. It is impossible to feel connected to someone when you desperately feel you have to hide yourself from them to protect yourself.

So you begin to watch what boys do and because you are motivated and smart you eventually get very good at acting like a boy. But, this process is very painful and rocky. Early on, you’re not good at it and the other kids see you as odd and make fun of you, call you names and cause you pain in other ways. You can’t go to anyone for help, not your parents, your teachers, your siblings, or anyone else because to do so you have to reveal yourself, your failure, and as you see it, risk death. You learn that even your religion rejects you and instead of being a source of help and comfort it is just another tool people use as justification to hurt you and “fix you”. You don’t understand why GOD made you this way and why with all of your efforts you can’t change the fact that you are a girl. You desperately want to feel OK but you can’t. You get to the point that you feel even GOD won’t listen to you pleas for help and you wonder if even he can love and accept you. You find that even though you are with people all of the time you feel disconnected and all alone. But you get so good at hiding yourself, your pain, your feelings, and acting as a boy no one realizes what you are going through. You suffer in silence.

Living life like this robs you of your self confidence. How can anybody feel self confident if they believe there is something fundamentally wrong with them and they are unlovable, unacceptable and not OK?

Another thing that happens when learning to live as someone you’re not is that you lose your spontaneity. You can no longer allow yourself to act instinctively in any situation where gender is at issue. With every situation, you have to pause, mentally evaluate, and then make a calculated judgment on how to gender appropriately respond. This makes you appear unsure of yourself, aloof, makes it harder to make friends, and further under minds your self confidence. You begin to feel as an outsider. But some good comes of it, because you find out that if you can survive it all it makes you stronger and that strength helps to save your life later on. It also makes you lopsided. You find you overcompensate by doing male things that you don’t really want to do and avoiding female things you want to do. To make it worse, you do these things to the extreme in an effort to have an even denser shield between you and people to prevent them from seeing you. In a nutshell, you hide yourself even more deeply.

You get so good at interacting with the world as a boy that when you hit puberty you welcome it. You believe that finally this is the thing that will make you feel like a boy and not a girl. But it is just another painful disappointment and failure you have to endure. It doesn’t change who you are, other than making you look less like yourself and this depresses you further but, you continue to endure.

And, for all of your efforts hide yourself you continue to leak out. One way this shows up is as an uncontrollable desire to dress in woman’s clothes, act like a girl and allow yourself the brief freedom to feel yourself, but this too comes with costs. You experience extreme anxiety and stress at the prospect of being exposed; extreme guilt and failure at you inability to change or at least control yourself. In addition, your self confidence takes another hit. It is just repeated pain and suffering you have to endure because the leakage occurs over and over again.

You survival instinct is strong and you find an escape, in this case work, that you can pour all of the negative energy into. You also self medicate with food and drink. These things combine to slowly wreak havoc on your body and health. But you don’t care you are desperate to get rid of the pain. They help you survive now and more importantly when the going really gets tough later on.

You get to the point, after continued heroic efforts, your urges diminished and you believe you have overcome yourself. You meet someone and develop a relationship and get married.

Unfortunately, the urges to be yourself come back with a ferocity you never experienced before. The end result is divorce. Again you have to deal with the pain and guilt of yet another major failure and the fact that you unnecessarily hurt someone you cared about and didn’t deserve to be hurt. This time it nearly destroys you.

Your struggle with yourself gets overwhelming, your sense of failure, your guilt, your pain all conspire to lead you to giving up on life, but somehow you survive. You come to the conclusion that you have to be yourself. You find an organization to help you. You start your transition to becoming the woman you are. You get to the point in your transition where you tell your family. It does not go well. You begin to have doubts and second thoughts about what you are doing and about your ability to make a living. You decide to try again to overcome yourself. You go into years of intensive psychotherapy. You stop the psychotherapy at a point where you believe, once again, you have overcome the challenge GOD saddled you with. You go on with your life thinking you did it, you test yourself, and the feelings do not surface, more evidence that you have been cured. But, at the same time you can’t get rid of constant feelings of unhappiness and depression, but you attribute this to some physical condition.

And then it happens, events in your life collide and cause the feelings of who you truly are to come rushing back. You think again about becoming you and you experience unbelievable joy and happiness. This is your sign. You decide to begin to transition again, but this time for good. Your feelings of unhappiness and depression disappear. You’re elated and petrified at the same time. You find people to help you. You tell your family and significant other. You know they love you but you find you are supporting them more than they are supporting you, but this is OK, you don’t want to lose them. You find the process to be very tough. You wonder why you are doing this at this point in your life and you ask yourself if you are crazy, but you know you no longer have a choice. You have learned having an integrated identity is one of the most fundamental needs of a human being and since you’ve proven to yourself, through major trial and tribulation, that you can’t change your internal identity, you need to change your body to become whole.

The cat is out of the bag, the desire to be authentic has become overwhelming and you welcome it. As you proceed, you experience glimpses of the pure joy and happiness you felt not so long ago when you decided to finally be yourself and this sustains you. But, the toughest thing is yet to come. To be yourself in the world you have to face and overcome your greatest fear, that of literally dying, the “scared to death” feeling, that was instilled in you when you were a little girl. This is too important, with help from others, you become strong enough and you jump off of the cliff and expose your true self to the world. You don’t know if you will live or die. Finally, after a lifetime of struggle and pain you have laid all of your cards on the table and surprisingly you are still alive. You know much work remains, but the hard part is over. After a lifetime of hiding, suppressing, denying, trying to change who you are, and hurting people in the process, you are becoming whole. You finally get to experience what most people take for granted, you are you, and it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Workshops

Fall Fashion Workshops

Wouldn’t you feel more confident if:

  • You knew what to wear, when and how to wear it?
  • Could become the woman or man you are destined to be?
  • Could express who you really are?
  • You earned the respect that you deserve?
  • You could blend in with your own unique style with elegance?
  • You could be classy and convincing?

Anna Mc Connell is a Wardrobe Stylist  and Image Consultant and helps men and women create and maintain an efficient and functional wardrobe to suit their lifestyle, personality, body proportions and budget.

Do you want to learn more about Fashion? Sign up for the Workshops

OCTOBER 11TH, 2015

We will discuss what you need to know to build a wardrobe.

We will talk about Image, Body Type, Body Shapes, Proportion, Style and accessories. There will also be a Q&A session so come with your questions.

Workshops will be $25.00 per person/per workshop, payable at the door.

Location : Transgender Institute of Kansas City

Makeup Workshop: September 20th and November 1st

2-5pm on Sunday, September 20th and Sunday, November 1st.

There will be “Focus Demos” and “Learning Summits”

Facilitated by Monique Brown, of MLB MAKE-UP ARTISTRY.

Appetizers, snacks, drinks & wine will be provided.

There will also be a raffle for a HUGE gift bag of Beauty Products!

It’s just $25 to reserve a spot in the workshop. Only cash or checks accepted. Please RSVP to Monique Brown, either via text or phone call. Please include in your message, your name, contact information, which date you will be attending (or both!) and what main focus feature you would like to learn or see during the workshop.

There will be different summits of contouring, natural to dramatic smoky eyes, different styles of eye makeup & complexion application, lash application, lips, brows & etc.!

Feel free to bring your own makeup and brushes/tools, so Monique can help you with the products & tools you already have at home! This will also help in knowing what you might need to complete certain looks, that you don’t have!

Monique will be using each of you as a model, for a certain look, of a focus feature. That way everyone will get to watch and learn, as well as have makeup applied to them!

It’s going to be a party and spots are filling fast! Please RSVP as soon as possible to Monique at 816-719-7667.

We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you there!


Growing up Transgender: Your Questions Answered

KSHB 41 in Kansas City hosted a live chat regarding Transgenderism. Caroline was there to answer questions. Click here to check it out!

A huge thank you to KSHB 41 for all of their coverage and helping to bring awareness to this topic!