Anna Mc Connell

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

We’re judged by how we look, act and interact with others. First impressions have enormous impact on your personal and professional successes. Our appearance reflects who we are, our stories, our social status and much more.


Wouldn’t you feel more confident if

  • You knew What to wear, when and how to wear it?
  • Could become the woman or man you are destined to be?
  • Could express who you really are?
  • You earned the respect that you deserve?
  • You could blend in with your own unique style with elegance?
  • You could be sexy, classy and convincing?

Anna Mc Connell helps men and women create and maintain an efficient and functional wardrobe to suit their lifestyle, personality, body proportions and budget.


  • Style Assessment and Editing
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Shopping
  • Total Makeovers
  • Skincare
  • Workshops
  • For special packages and custom consultations, please visit the website.


  • What works for your body type and personality
  • How to use the tools and fashion tips
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to create a Capsule Wardrobe (Mix and Matching to get the most out of your wardrobe)
  • How to use Pattern, Color and Accessories
  • The Best Skincare regimen for your skin. Your skin is the most important real estate you have. It is the first thing people see, expressing emotion and feeling. We are aging all the time but how we do so is up to us. Your skin is the best accessory you have, Wear it well!
  • How to camouflage or accentuate

Gain immediate positive attention wherever you go.

Be the person others respect and look up to

Be the woman or man you yearned to be!