We offer in-office consultation, off-site training, coaching, therapy sessions, numerous aesthetic services as well as online sessions using Skype™ technology.

Welcome to the Transgender Institute®

The Transgender Institute® is a collaborative center that with its partners provides a full spectrum of therapeutic, psychological, psychiatric, medical, endocrinological, surgical and aesthetic care for the transgender person.

Our team of expert health professionals offers a compassionate and coordinated approach to vital services including gender therapy, hormone therapy, primary care, and all surgeries. We support the transgender community by providing world-class, person-centered services with emphasis on access to care, the reduction of transgender health disparities, the improvement of overall health and wellness, and successful transition.

At The Transgender Institute®, we help you determine if transitioning is an appropriate course of action and assist you through the various stages of the transition process.

We call this process Transgender Growth Therapy®:

  • Individual, couples, & family therapy for children, teens & adults
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Virtual (Skype™) therapy when travel here is not possible
  • Organizational training to improve work environments
  • Extensive array of other services to assist with transition

NEW – Feminine Immersion Program!

We are excited to offer a new and innovative program for the Transwomens’ community that will enhance your transition. Our Feminine Immersion Program was specifically created to assist women in their transition by helping develop their feminine beauty, charm and confidence in a supportive and caring environment.
Our program consists of:

  • Vocal Feminization Techniques
  • Body Language
  • Hair and Wig Styling
  • Makeup Application
  • Skin Care
  • Fashion Styling
  • Mentoring and Support Groups
  • Socializing with other transwomen
  • Psychotherapy sessions

Learn more here, or call us at: 816-305-0943 for questions and to sign up.

Benefits You Can Expect:

With steady progress through these steps, you can live more comfortably with your gender identity.

The Transgender Institute Foundation® is a proud member of:


    Increase clarity about your gender identity.


    Increase familiarity about the different types of transgender identities. Learn where you identity along the gender identity spectrum.


    Increase knowledge about gender identity.


    Increase self-awareness about your gender identity.


    Provide referrals for specialists in gender affirmation surgery, presentation, and more to provide you with a holistic experience while working with us.


    We provide carry letters, also known as travel letters, as needed.


    Provide guidance on both vocalization and comportment.


    Provide resources that include books, internet sites, movies, and more that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the stories and experiences of other transgender individuals.


    Provide guidance on coming out to friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers.


    Provide diagnosis and counseling for psychological and emotional concerns both related to and co-existent with gender dysphoria.


    Provide a safe place to explore issues related to happiness and quality of life through Transgender Growth Therapy®.

Uncover your feminine voice!

New Vocal Feminization Classes Starting!

Vocal Feminization & Comportment

Every Monday for 8 weeks

6pm to 8pm

Call us at: 816-305-0943 or contact us here for questions and to sign up.

What Others Say About Us
Allison, 36 year-old transwoman

“As soon as I walked through the door, The Transgender Institute was caring and open in ways I never knew were possible. Individual sessions were a combination of self-acceptance, much needed tough love, and progress. Group sessions, which I lovingly refer to as Caroline’s Charm School are highly recommend, will allow you to make friends for a lifetime and develop a better sense of just where you’re going in terms of transitioning. I cannot recommend the experience enough, for all that it helped me.”

Allison, 36 year-old transwoman
Isaac, 19 year-old transman

“The Transgender Institute was very helpful in getting me on track with the steps that needed to be taken before and during my transition. I consider my relationship with Caroline a trustful one; if there’s anything I need help with, I can go to her knowing that she will help.”

Isaac, 19 year-old transman