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The Transgender Institute® (TTI) is a collaborative and comprehensive center that with its partners, offers a full spectrum of  therapeutic, psychiatric, psychological, medical, surgical, and endocrine care. We also offer vocal training, movement, social presentation, including fashion and many other forms of aesthetic care for the transgender person. 


TTI Announcement

How Can We Help You?

Welcome! We are here to provide you with expert, specialized attention on your journey through our world-class, personalized, compassionate, and evidence-based programs.

We are PIONEERS in the field!

Our founder/director began her training with an exceptional group of transgender individuals on the leading edge of the initial transgender revolution 25 years ago. These individuals encouraged her to begin serving the population. TTI has served transgender individuals and families exclusively for over 20 years. Nothing can substitute for experience! 

We are NOT gatekeepers!

We are committed to providing gender affirming care that is inclusive and rights-based. We listen carefully to our clients and our interventions and treatments are based on teamwork. We do not keep our clients in therapy longer than is necessary, depending on the client’s needs and desires.    

We DO work with non-binary individuals

We recognize that non-binary is a term that some individuals use to describe their gender presentation and connection that does not fall into one of the two binary categories, man or woman. 

We DO write all the necessary letters of referral for hormone therapy and surgeries.

We write all referral letters for hormone therapy, puberty blockers and/or all gender-affirming surgical procedures and for weight reduction surgery and therapeutic animal placement.  We also write carry letters for safety in public.  Not one has ever been rejected.

We DO provide FREE Name and Gender marker changes.

We are one of the few practices that provides FREE help to transgender individuals with changing their legal name and/or gender marker as part of the journey to live freely in public as their authentic selves. It is not necessary to hire legal assistance for this service. 

We DO provide individual, family and group therapy for all ages.

We provide personalized, individual therapy, and a safe space in group therapy to learn from other transgender people.  Family therapy addresses the importance of support, acceptance, and understanding of family dynamics.  

We DO work with clients worldwide.

While we are based in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas, we serve and help clients worldwide.

We DO help individuals suffering from co-occuring conditions.

We collaborate with our psychiatrists to help evaluate for co-occuring conditions and identify the appropriate medical and therapeutic treatments in a safe and accepting environment.   

Gain Control of Your Life and Live Your True Gender Identity or Presentation!

We recognize that transgender individuals experience an intense struggle to live fully while under pressure to conform to society’s expectations. We offer educational and affirming therapy as well as a complete array of support services to individuals and families who are seeking to transform their lives.We can support you in achieving the results you are looking for. Together we will develop a personalized plan that is right for you.

About Us

We can support you in achieving the results you are looking for. Together we will develop a personalized plan that is right for you.

Our founder & director, Caroline Gibbs, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor, globally recognized as an educator, advocate, and provider for the heavily burdened transgender population.  A new era of bias and hatred against transgender people has encouraged Ms. Gibbs to renew her mission statement of 25 years ago:   

“I pledge to serve the transgender population with steadfastness and devotion, for as long as I am able.”

To reach the fulfillment of that pledge made so long ago, Caroline has developed and delivered a unique, state-of-the-art organizational approach to transgender care. Individuals from overseas travel to Kansas City to take part in these novel classes and programs grounded in a powerful, pluralistic approach toward psychotherapy and transgender care. Working with this clientele, as Ms. Gibbs discovered years ago, requires deep specialization in the field, great respect and optimism for each client, and the ability to see “flourishing” as a distinct part of each person’s future. 

Caroline is very excited to be initiating TTI’s Research Program, which will investigate various aspects of the transgender community and experience. She is proud to announce that The Transgender Institute® is being joined by a world-renowned research scientist and psychiatrist to assist in designing our first two studies. Ms. Gibbs feels that TTI’s mission is ripe with possibilities to offer hope and help for the future of the transgender population. 

We encourage all our visitors to give us a call to gain more information and knowledge about TTI and its array of offerings.  We are always happy to hear from clinicians who would like to further their knowledge and education about the transgender field.

Thank you for taking a look at The Transgender Institute®! 

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor

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ATTENTION! We have a new number! Please call us at 816-800-4128 to make an appointment. At The Transgender Institute, we continue to provide compassionate, respectful and understanding transgender therapy services.