Our Services

The Transgender Institute® (TTI) is a collaborative and comprehensive center that with its partners, offers a full spectrum of therapeutic, psychiatric, psychological, medical, surgical, and endocrine care. We also offer vocal training, movement, social presentation including fashion and many other forms of aesthetic care for the transgender person. 

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Individual Therapy

We offer Individual therapy for transgender, nonbinary, and questioning adults, teens, and children. We diagnose conditions and identify the best treatments in a safe and effective environment, and if necessary, refer to one of our psychiatrists for medication. 

Family Therapy

We offer family therapy to address the importance of support and acceptance and to explore family dynamics. 

Group Therapy

We provide a safe space for group therapy to learn from other participants and to experience personal growth.  

We work with clients worldwide.

We serve and help clients worldwide.


Vocal Feminization Master Classes

Our director, a former classical singer and voice teacher in New York City, offers vocal feminization classes in small group settings. Feminine speech is a critical aspect of blending in.


Referrals & Carry Letters

We write all referral letters – for hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and gender affirming surgical procedures. We also offer referrals for weight reduction surgery and for therapeutic animal placement services. Carry letters can be helpful for safe travel in public. Our documents have never been rejected.  


Feminine Immersion Program

Our Feminine Immersion Program was created to assist women in their transition by helping them develop their feminine beauty, presentation skills, and confidence in a supportive and caring environment. It is the Crown Jewel of programs for transgender women at TTI. Individuals from around the world come to Kansas City to attend this program. 

Mentoring Program

Children, teens, and adults benefit enormously from time spent with more experienced and mature transgender individuals. In a typical case, a transgender individual will visit with his/her/their mentor and therapist. The mentor becomes a trusted part of the team, a layperson on whom the child, teen, or adult can depend for transition information, advice, a listening ear, and to serve as a life model. This offering can include spouses and parents of transgender individuals. 

Co-occuring Conditions

We routinely work with our psychiatrists and testing psychologist to help evaluate for co-occuring conditions and identify the best treatment in a safe and supportive environment.  

Consultation with Clinicians

We provide consultation services for clinicians wishing to enhance their understanding of Gender Dysphoria, as well as fellowships for TTI certification in transgender therapy.  Additionally, we collaborate with other clinicians to help patients with a comprehensive treatment plan and ongoing care. Interns and practicum students report that their work at TTI has been invaluable for ongoing study and career. 

Fellowship Programs

We offer a fellowship program designed for medical doctors, psychologists, clinical counselors, social workers, and other experienced clinicians. We award a TTI certification on completion of this extensive 6-month or year-long program. 

Training Programs for Schools, Corporations & Community Organizations  

We provide methodical training for corporations, agencies, schools, colleges, medical universities, hospitals, prisons, and other community-based organizations for transitioning and feeling comfortable on the job and at school. 

Caroline is an incredible, down-to-earth therapist that was willing to hear me out and offer her own trained insight, backing me up and reassuring me every step of the way in medical transitioning. She cares so much about her patients, and it’s obvious in everything she does. Do yourself a favor if you require a letter for surgery and go here!
- Ezra

ATTENTION! We have a new number! Please call us at 816-800-4128 to make an appointment. At The Transgender Institute, we continue to provide compassionate, respectful and understanding transgender therapy services.