Our Core Services

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy for FTM and MTF adults, teens, and children.

  • Vocal feminization.

    Caroline, a former singer and voice teacher, offers vocal feminization services as a part of both the group therapy and program and individual therapy. Vocal feminization is a key component of “blending-in” as a woman for male-to-female (MTF) transgender individuals. Also offered is Feminine Comportment, which enhances the “blending-in” ability of MTF individuals.

  • Transgender Group Therapy

    Transgender Support Groups:

    • Teen and Adult support groups meet twice per month on an ongoing basis.   

    To join a group, please call Bria or Harriet at 816-305-0943 to register or e-mail The Transgender Institute.

  • Feminine Immersion Program

    Our Feminine Immersion Program was specifically created to assist women in their transition by helping develop their feminine beauty, charm and confidence in a supportive and caring environment.

    For more info, click here or call  816-305-0943

  • Mentoring Program for Young Clients and Adults

    Children, teens, and adults benefit enormously from time spent with more seasoned and mature transgender individuals. In a typical case, a transgender individual will visit with his/her/their mentor and therapist. If the connection works, as it often does, the mentor becomes a trusted part of the family, a layperson/former patient on whom the child, teen, or adult can depend on for advice, a listening ear, and to serve as a life model.

  • Child Therapy

    Our therapists, including a Registered Play Therapist, work with children of all ages, along with their families. This population requires special expertise in the developmental stages of childhood, as well as how gender dysphoria often affects and manifests in young children. Our therapists will provide referrals to pediatric endocrinologists as needed.

  • Gender Therapy and Coaching Via Skype

    Includes therapy and vocal feminization.

  • Consultation for clinicians

    We provide consultation services for clinicians wishing to enhance their understanding of gender dysphoria, as well as fellowships for certification in working with transgender clients.

  • A Comprehensive List of Resources and Trans-Friendly Service Providers

    These include surgeons, endocrinologists, laser technicians, electrologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists, among many others.

  • Training Programs for Community-Based Organizations

    These include corporations, agencies, schools, colleges, medical schools, hospitals, prisons, and other community-based organizations.

  • Certified Life Coaching

    Life and post-transition coaching by certified life coach, Adrienne Owings to assist you in your transition process.

  • Licensed Play Therapist

    Licensed play therapist  to assist younger trans kids with their ability to accurately convey and describe their feelings.

  • Career Counseling

    Career counseling offered to assist clients in planning and identifying educational and career opportunities.

  • Health Insurance Consulting

    Health insurance consulting designed to help clients with identifying the best insurance plan to meet and cover their transition related procedures as well as provide comprehensive medical benefits.

  • Consultation with other clinicians

    We routinely work with other clinicians to help patients with a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Co-existing Conditions

    We routinely work with psychiatrists to help evaluate for co-existing conditions, and identify the best treatment in a safe and effective environment.

  • Training

    We are constantly educating our staff with the latest and most effective treatments designed to assist you with the best possible outcome.

  • Fellowship Program

    We offer a fellowship program designed for graduate students and fellows.

  • Referrals and Letters

    We offer referrals and letters to endocrinologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners.