Our Programs

We have developed these programs to help you accept your identity!

Our Programs

Feminine Immersion Program

Our Feminine Immersion Program is The Crown Jewel of our programs for women. It serves to assist women in transition by helping them develop their feminine beauty, presentation, and confidence in a supportive and caring environment.

Out and About Program

Seasoned men and women, each with their own groups, will join 3 individuals who are just entering or have taken some steps in transition and are afraid of going out in public. This program is based on valid, sound psychological principles and really works!

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is designed to serve men and women who are beginning transition and those who request the program. It provides a safe environment within a therapy session to spend time with and gain education from experienced trans men and women. 

FREE Support Groups

We have been offering FREE support groups for many years to each demographic of the transgender community. These groups provide a safe space to develop social skills and get ongoing support for your journey. Members often report that these groups were a crucial part of their transition.

Coming Out at School and Work

Coming out at school and work can be difficult and even daunting. TTI has developed special programs to address these needs in a detailed and concrete manner which has proved to be successful over a prolonged period. It has helped many transgender people continue happily and productively in their schools and places of employment.   This creates a safe and pleasant environment for the trans person.

Vocal Feminization Classes

Join us for what may prove to be the most growth-producing and exciting class you have ever taken.  Vocal feminization classes are challenging but highly effective. We invite students to fully embrace this 8-week program which, with effort, promises the production of a natural-sounding, feminine voice.  The voice is the chief gender cue which allows trans women to blend into society, as the women they are. 

Men's Program - For Men Only

TTI's offerings for transgender men were carefully tailored based on what our clients told us and made inquiries about over the years. We are thrilled to be able to offer the very first program for transgender men exclusively!

ATTENTION! We have a new number! Please call us at 816-800-4128 to make an appointment. At The Transgender Institute, we continue to provide compassionate, respectful and understanding transgender therapy services.