About Us

Our highly dedicated, compassionate, and respectful team serves transgender clients globally. Our team has helped thousands of patients in the last 20 years. We can support you in achieving the results you are looking for. Together we will develop a personalized plan that is right for you. 

We can support you in achieving the results you are looking for. Together we will develop a personalized plan that is right for you.

Our Founder & Director, Caroline Gibbs, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor, globally recognized as an educator, advocate, and provider for the burdened transgender population.  A new era of bias and hatred against transgender people has encouraged Ms. Gibbs to renew her mission statement of 25 years ago:   

“I pledge to serve the transgender population with steadfastness and devotion, for as long as I am able.”

To reach the fulfillment of the pledge made so long ago, Caroline has developed and delivered a unique, state-of-the-art organizational approach to transgender care. Individuals from overseas travel to Kansas City to take part in these novel classes and programs grounded in a powerful, pluralistic approach toward psychotherapy and transgender care. Working with this clientele, as Ms. Gibbs discovered years ago, requires deep specialization in the field, great respect and optimism for each client, and the ability to see “flourishing” as a distinct part of each person’s future. 

Caroline is very excited to be initiating TTI’s Research Program, which will investigate various aspects of the transgender community and experience. She is proud to announce that The Transgender Institute® is being joined by a world-renowned research scientist and psychiatrist to assist in designing our first two studies. Ms. Gibbs feels that TTI’s mission is ripe with possibilities to offer hope and help for the future of the transgender population. 

We encourage all our visitors to give us a call to gain more information and knowledge about TTI and its array of offerings.  We are always happy to hear from clinicians who would like to further their knowledge and education about the transgender field.   

Thank you for taking a look at The Transgender Institute®! 


Media Appearances

We at TTI are proud of the work our director has done over the years to make the transgender community ever more visible and to offer clear and accurate education and information to the public.  She has appeared frequently on radio (local affiliates of NPR) and other stations such as KKFI, for which she served as co-host, and also satellite station KSHB.  Her print features have been numerous, as well, including a front-page article in The Kansas City Star, Pitch,  Camp, Counselor Today, and other small publications.  Ms. Gibbs expresses that she particularly enjoys discussions and interviews on television. Kansas City Channels 4, 5, 9, and 41 have featured her regularly.  Her personal transgender highlights have been two reality shows for which she served as casting director, co-executive producer, and cast member.  One of these pioneering shows received an Emmy nomination and major support from GLAAD. TTI will be featured in an upcoming documentary to be aired in 2023.

Gibbs’s enthusiasm for and love of her work has never waned in all these years. Just mention her mission and watch her eyes light up!

My chief asset, apart from 20 years of clinical experience, is my acceptance of all people regardless of any emotional, physical or psychological burdens they may carry. I do not shy away from any issue or person, and carry no judgment or fear into my work.

Benefits You Can Expect

With steady progress through these steps, you can finally live more comfortably as your authentic self. 

Our team of expert health professionals offers a compassionate and coordinated approach to vital services including gender therapy, hormone therapy, primary care, psychiatry, testing psychology, surgeries, and aesthetic care. We support the transgender community, including men and women, as well as non-binary individuals, by providing world-class, person-centered services with an emphasis on access to care, the reduction of mental and physical health problems and disparities, and successful transition, if appropriate. 


We assist you in increasing understanding and clarity about your gender identity and presentation. 


Increase familiarity with nonbinary and gender fluid presentations.  


We help you increase knowledge about and fulfillment with your gender identity and its etiologies or causes. 


Develop deep self-awareness about your personal gender identity: “How do you know you are transgender? How comfortable are you as a transgender person? Are you biased against transgender persons, including yourself? 

Sense of Well-Being

We provide a safe place to explore issues related to flourishing, and quality of life through transgender therapy and other programs. 

Carry Letters

We provide carry letters, also known as travel letters, as needed. These can provide protection in public. 

Referral Letters

We write all referral letters – for hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and/or gender-affirming surgical procedures. We also provide weight reduction surgery and therapeutic animal placement letters.  No specialist has ever rejected our referrals. 


We provide clear and specific guidance on coming out to friends, family, and colleagues in the workplace. 

Screening & Treatment

We provide diagnosis and therapy for psychiatric and emotional concerns both related to and co-morbid with gender dysphoria. 

Mentoring & Support Groups

We provide an opportunity to receive education, exchange ideas, and hear guest speakers at our support and specialty groups. Mentoring gives the client an opportunity to meet with a transgender person with years of post-transition experience. We stress the importance of transgender history to understand the struggles and triumphs that transgender persons in the past experienced.  We discuss the question,” Whose shoulders do I stand on?” 

Vocalization & Comportment

We provide guidance in both vocalization and comportment. Our director, a former classical singer and voice teacher in New York City, conducts these classes.   


We provide resources that include books, websites, films, and more that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the stories and experiences of other transgender individuals. 

ATTENTION! We have a new number! Please call us at 816-800-4128 to make an appointment. At The Transgender Institute, we continue to provide compassionate, respectful and understanding transgender therapy services.