We are acutely aware that excellent research must underscore every aspect of clinical care and always reveal new approaches and understanding of the transgender population. 

Research at The Transgender Institute®

Our director is proud to announce that a long-time dream for TTI is coming to fruition.  We have initiated our Research Program with two studies which we hope will reveal new, and important knowledge about the transgender person’ s experience. We are very lucky to have a world-renowned research scientist and psychiatrist on our team. He will assist in designing and orchestrating the research studies with us.  

We have learned over time that research should claim a significant part of any program. We envision research as not just a separate category, but as a base that informs and supports clinical care and all other aspects of our work at TTI.  When the time is appropriate, we will begin asking for study volunteers.  We look forward to talking about the details with you. 

Thanks for your interest in our work.  If you are intrigued by our efforts for the transgender population, call us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 





ATTENTION! We have a new number! Please call us at 816-800-4128 to make an appointment. At The Transgender Institute, we continue to provide compassionate, respectful and understanding transgender therapy services.