How do I contact you and what are your hours?

Our ours are M-F, 9am-6pm

You can reach us on 816-305-0943 or email us at info@transinstitute.org

We are located at 420 W 42nd St #11, Kansas City, MO 64111

Do you work with male-to-female and female-to-male people?

We work with many transwomen and transmen.

Do you provide letters for hormones and surgeries?

We provide all of them, including hormone, surgery and carry letters, when in the patient’s best interest.

Do you help with legal name and gender changes?

We have resource and referral information for legal changes.

Do you work with spouses and families of transpersons?

We believe that including families is very important, when possible.

Do you work with small children and teens?

We work across the entire age spectrum.

What is gender therapy like at The Transgender Institute?

It is a holistic process, which may include many types of interventions, always informed by the patient’s needs.

How long have you been working with the transgender community?

For 14 years.

What happens if I have a psychological problem along with gender dysphoria?

We are familiar with the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-V and are able to differentiate between symptoms of gender dysphoria and other conditions.  We can refer to a trans-positive psychiatrist, if necessary.

Do you believe that being transgender or transsexual is a psychiatric disorder or can be “cured”?

We believe that being “TG” or “TS” has a biological/genetic basis, which may cause severe emotional distress and are following the most current research on the subject.

Can you help me if I’m not sure about my gender identity?

We can help you clarify your gender identity and move through transition, if it is appropriate and necessary.

Are you gatekeepers?

Although we do provide letters to surgeons and endocrinologists for hormones and surgical reassignment, because most physicians require them, we do work according to to the WPATH Standards of Care #7.  They are very fair and do not require that patients remain in therapy for an inordinate amount of time, as they used to.

When people say “trans”, what do they mean?

Trans is the shortened form for both transgender and transsexual. Transgender is often used to refer to transsexualism, crossdressing, gender variance, gender fluid, gender queer, among other categories.

Do you offer web sessions?

We use Skype and Facetime technology for remote gender therapy.

Are you advocates for the trans community?

We are widely known advocates for the community.  We appear regularly on TV, radio, in print and in trainings for schools, corporations, agencies etc.

Do you work with binary and non-binary transgender clients?

Yes. Caroline specializes in binary transgender clients, while our new intern Rae, works with both binary and non-binary transgender clients. We espouse the belief that there are more than two gender identifies, many more, and provide individualized services dependent on our clients’ unique gender identities.

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